Dental Cleaning Under Anesthesia

Performing non profesional dental scaling on an unanesthetized pet is inappropriate according with the America Veterinary Dental Society. (Download PDF)

Digital Dental X-Rays

The digital dental radiograph in veterinary medicine now days has increased the quality of the radiology services we can provide to our patients and the proper care they need for their teeth. Additionally if, eventually, we need a board certified opinion on any of our radiographs we have technology to provide the telemedicine second opinion as well.

You cannot diagnose what you cannot see.

Advanced Dentistry

ISS_4227_04343-700x375At Sunshine Animal Hospital we offer advanced dentistry for patients who need:

  • Surgical Dental Extractions
  • Root Canals (Endodontics)
  • Mandibulectomies
  • Cleft Palates
  • Oro-nasal Fistula